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My Life

C. Arthur Poll


My Life

The Memoirs of A.P. The Preacher Man

By C. Arthur Poll

Born in a hamlet north of London a few months after Queen Victoria’s death in 1901, Charles Arthur Poll would join millions who came to define the American century as new US citizens. No longer would he pause from his work in the vegetable fields in Lincolnshire and stand at attention as the royal train chugged by. In the US midwest he would learn to drive horses and pick corn and hang wallpaper and paint signs and, eventually, go to college and become A. P. the Preacher Man. Art Poll (he never liked the name Charles) tells a personal story that plays on our nostalgia for a quieter time when home and community seemed easier to define. It’s the story of a preacher’s life, including the preacher’s family, the preacher’s cow (Madam Queen), the preacher’s cars (even a new Model A in the middle of the depression) and the preacher’s take on life and death and love. Published in 1993, when he was 92, the writing is straightforward and direct.

188 pages - Hardbound - © 1993 Rochester, Minnesota, USA - $9.95

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